About gagi, her work and and this website.

the most common comment after being asked about what i do is “i’ve never heard of that before!”

and so now we are building a website and calling it theStarMedicine.com – “The” because it is new and we are celebrating the new!

My journey thru the years is what i have come to call a journey of remembrance…many tie ins from a very young child…so many synchronicities…teachers and programs that just seem to appear at the right time…so much learnt…so much remembered!

And the same with travels…literally called to be somewhere and never a hesitation when this happens…Star Medicine arrived after our trip to Egypt and to Jordan in 2015…a trip up the Nile…a small group with experienced guides…we were given private access to many  places during visits to many sacred sites…many extraordinary experiences…and then a smaller group flew on to Jordan…the amazing sights of Petra…my photos were full of streaming violet light…the next day it was a visit to the ancient agricultural site of Little Petra with more beauty carved into the sandstone…it felt like an oasis or rest place located just off the main trade route…many carved rooms were painted with leaves, flowers and a sense of cupids and magic…in one such abode i stood with two other women and could feel an extraordinary light or energy streaming thru me…i stood still with my palms up feeling into it and with eyes closed simply asked that next time i was doing a session with someone could i please remember this beautiful energy…two weeks after arriving back home i woke up to this image and these words…as on my business card…i was shown thru a dialogue how to use star Medicine and was encouraged to practice it… it has been my joy for over 8 years…

Star Medicine is experiential…everyone has a different experience and before a session we talk…we bring up thoughts, feelings, memories, curiousity, or what we are simply seeking…this tends to be answered in mysterious ways…healings can occur, stress and trauma released, answers to so much and the universal take-away is a beautiful feeling of peace…a state of calm that many have not experienced often…

You are welcomed here to explore, being open to receive:

work that comes in intuitively and with guidance 
and attuned to the frequency of love
you will receive a unique experience…perhaps:

ultimate relaxation
finding peace
defining your emotions
body awareness
releasing cellular memory
observing a new zone
inner doorways
access to the beyond
freedom to be
awareness of new possibilities
awareness of who you are

a very beautiful star!

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